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Digital Radiology

At Juneau Veterinary Hospital, we know how important it is to make the right diagnosis of your pet’s illness or injury. Modern veterinary imaging helps us to see inside your pet to determine the position and type of injury or abnormality. Juneau Veterinary Hospital uses state-of-the-art digital equipment right here in our hospital as part of the diagnostic process.


The Advantage of Digital Radiography for Your Pet

Radiographs, or X-rays, are used to evaluate and diagnose problems affecting a variety of the organ systems in your pet’s body. These include the teeth, abdomen, bones and orthopedic problems, heart, lungs, and spine. We use radiographs to help diagnose many conditions, including fractured bones, pneumonia, cancerous tumors inside the body, enlarged heart, arthritis, and stones within the urinary tract.


Our highly trained staff and outstanding X-ray facilities combine to produce high-quality radiographic images. Because these images are digital, we can examine them at very high magnification in order to make precise judgments and an accurate diagnosis. A radiology specialist will review the radiograph if your pet has a particularly difficult condition to diagnose or treat.


Only about half of dental infections/injuries van be identfied visuall., The rest require dental radiographs to diagnose.

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