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Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery

One of the most commonly overlooked and most important areas of maintaining your pet’s good health is regular oral and dental care. A comprehensive routine of care for teeth both above and below the gum line can dramatically extend the life of your pet.


Juneau Veterinary Hospital offers routine and advanced dental and oral surgical procedures including:


  • Annual Care

  • Restorations for Caries and Enamel Defects

  • Treatment for Tooth Resorption

  • Tumors of the Maxilla, Mandible, and Facial Area

  • Surgical Extraction of Diseased Teeth

  • Repair of Maxillofacial Fracture

  • Congenital Palatal Defects

  • Therapy for Oral Inflammation

  • Surgical Management of Diseases of the Head and Neck

  • Digital Intraoral/Dental Radiology (x-ray)


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