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Treatment in Allergic skin diseases

  • Serum allergy testing - This identifies the environmental and food allergens your animal may be allergic to.

  • Allergen specific immunotherapy - After the serum allergy test is performed, a unique allergen serum will be made for each individual dog based on their test results. These allergen serum will be injected by you, at home.

  • Medical management - A large number of medications, supplements, and topical treatments are available for dogs with allergic skin diseases.


Advanced Ear procedures

  • Deep ear cleaning/myringotomy - This procedure is performed with a video otoscope. It allows us to visualize the ear canal and ear drum at a higher magnification and diagnose ear diseases.


Endocrine dermatopathies

  • Advanced blood panels, many containing hormone testing, can diagnose certain skin conditions.


Autoimmune skin diseases

  • Skin biopsies may be performed if your animal is suspicious of an autoimmune skin disease. 

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